Owner: Jesse Ansell; Location: Arizona; DOB: 8/96; Model: LS Coupe; Engine: 1.8L (4G93); Transaxle: 5-speed Manual (F5M42); Exterior: Innsbruck White (W83B); Interior: Tan/Black (W83)

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Let me tell you a story about a man name Jed... He lives in Montana. But enough about him, 'cos there's this other guy named Jesse, who is me. Though my name isn't Jed, I got this great car that I am exposing to the world. It is a project vehicle and a livelihood rolled into one. On the weekend I rip various things off and try to put them back on in time to go to work the next week (97% success rate). This site will tell you about what's going on with my car, and though no one will care, I might mention a few things about myself. This car will fall victim to stagnation quite often, so don't feel the need to check back here every day for the latest goings on.

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