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These are miscellaneous thoughts that enter my head, and intended to be inspirational though they may not succeed in doing so. If they sound familiar, they're not supposed to be. I'm pretty sure no one has made these up before.

It's easy to see the problems which befall others, and easier still to not see the problems which befall ourselves.

A life without laughter is not a life at all.

If you can't find something to laugh about, you might as well cry, 'cos that's just sad.

Give me an inch and I'll give you a mile; Take an inch and I'll take a mile.
(Polite Version)

Give me an inch and I'll give you a mile; Take an inch and I'll take your arms off.
(Disgruntled Version)

Respect is not deserved, nor is it gotten simply by aging. It is won by playing the game of life without defeating anyone.

To be realistic is to follow one's dreams, not to avoid them.

Blood may be thicker than water, but truth is thicker still.

Man is simply another kind of animal.

The goal of life is to survive. We have evolved to the point where we can survive so well, that we have spare time to do with as we please. This is what makes us human.

Why is it that we have more words to break someone down than to build them up?

If the tree falls in the forest, it makes a sound, period.

Alone we are nothing. Together we are the World.

Any decision based on all available knowledge is a good one, no matter what the outcome.

Rain on one's wedding day IS ironic.

Everyone is different, that's why clothes come in sizes, cars come in colors, and sodas come in flavors.

To generalize is often to tell general lies.

Progress is something to be embraced not disgraced.

Every generation must establish it's own identity from the one before. It keeps us thinking, and keeps us moving forward.

What is or once was, will never always be.

People are not born evil, they are taught to be and then allowed to continue.

If a child doesn't worship their father, doesn't live the way he wants them to, and doesn't live solely to "serve" him, the father has the right to invoke the most awful punishment he can imagine. And if the child isn't what the father wants them to be, he can take their life and start over with a new child. And as soon as a child is old enough to talk, they must beg their father for forgiveness for being disgraceful, wicked and inherintly unworthy of the father's love. These are the rules God lives by. If it's good enough for a god, surely it's good enough for a mortal.

Children don't fail their parents, parents fail themselves.

Music doesn't impliment emotions, it compliments ones that are already there. To implicate it in anything would only complicate everything.

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